Rude Mama - Authentic Vietnamese Hot Sauce - Toronto, Canada - Gift Set

The petite jar of hot sauce is akin to a Vietnamese mama, seemingly sweet but capable of tearing you apart at any moment. However, you'll undoubtedly miss her, for she cares about your health and heart, not just your taste buds. And don't be shy, she has transformed you into a braver person than you were before encountering her.

Well, we reckon it's a win-win situation here.

We meticulously produce small batches of hot sauce by hand, employing a natural approach and utilizing only a select few simple, high-quality, vegan ingredients without any added flavors. They serve as the perfect accompaniment to any of your meat dishes, whether it's BBQ or deep-fried. The greasier and cheesier, the better!

Rude Mama - Vietnamese Hot Sauce - Toronto, Canada

Why "Rude Mama"?

Years ago, on a daring adventure to Binh Ba, an island in the Central part of Vietnam, Rude Mama Hot Sauce was born out of pure inspiration and a mouthful of fireworks. That sauce had some serious power! But what truly left a lasting impression was the incredible hospitality of the mama who cooked for us. She went above and beyond, pulling out all the stops to cool down the spice that set our taste buds ablaze. From water to a piping-hot bowl of broth, she had an arsenal of remedies ready to tame the fiery beast within. To this day, we find ourselves reminiscing about that incredible mama and wondering if life treats her with the same generosity she showed us.

We have an obsession with the hospitality of Southwest Vietnam. It's like stepping into a rural area and instantly becoming part of the family. Their grandma will chase you around the house just to make sure you're well-fed and satisfied. It's a beautiful thing, and it's that same warmth and love that we pour into every bottle of Rude Mama Hot Sauce.

Our goal is to deliver that same heartwarming sensation to you, no matter where you are. We want you to feel the love, the care, and the delightful kick of flavor in every single bite. So, grab a jar, embrace the spice, and let our hot sauce wrap you up in a big, spicy hug. Trust me, it's a feeling you won't want to miss!

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